Frequently Asked Questions





Competence based approach of teaching and learning.

This is the approach adopted by the ministry of Education and Vocational Training to ensure that the pupils / students becomes part of the teaching and learning process and appreciate each stage as they relate their surroundings with the new theories covered in the texts. It is an approach that seeks to involve students to look for knowledge from the environment common to them and thus appreciate the importance of that knowledge. This approach seek to make pupils / students enjoy learning as they relate it to the day to day challenges and thus build their competence as opposed to storing in their heads the contents of the text books (cramming).

Difference between publishing and printing

Publishing is about production of contents of the books, magazine, newspapers, voice, motion or a mixture of the above. Printing is producing copies or broadcasting the published work in paper, plastic and magnetic storage devices or live in electronic gadgets for mass consumption.

EMAC certification

EMAC stands for the Educational Materials Approval Committee. It is a committee of professionals and policy makers that seeks to ensure that only the well prepared educational materials taking into account all requirements including the syllabus and adopted teaching and learning approach are certified. Goods (mainly books) that have been certified by EMAC stands out for quality and assurance that they meet expectation of all relevant authorities and should thus be used for teaching and learning.

Procedures for sending manuscript for consideration

All educational books must be prepared in line with the prevailing syllabus issued by the relevant Authorities. You may send a complete manuscript or may send a chapter or two. The editorial team shall advice you on the next stage depending on the quality of the draft submitted and reviewed.  To send your manuscript(s) attach in an email to info@gdypublications.com

Time it takes for a manuscript to be developed into a book.

Highly depends on the quality and complexity of both the contents and illustrations. There is no single answer for this.

What is a teachers guide

A teacher’s guide is a step-by-step guide to the teacher of a particular subject for a particular class on how the teaching and learning process should be guided. It recites the expectations and the bests approach to handle the pupils / students step by step.  Teacher’s guides are very useful both to new and experienced teachers. Teacher’s guides are most useful to new teachers as they take trouble of taking the teacher through the appropriate teaching and learning journey that will ensure pupils / students cover and understands what is exacted of them